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It’s Halloween; Don’t Go as a Car Accident Victim

Austinites will celebrate Halloween this weekend, all the way into Monday night. The Austin Police Department issued a ‘no refusal’ beginning at 9pm Friday and ending at 5am Tuesday morning.

Historically, downtown Austin has been an epicenter of nightlife and entertainment. The densely populated blocks between I-35 and Congress have become the playground of live music venues, restaurants, and $2 you-call-its. Austin boasts a “pedestrian friendly” reputation, but for those who don’t live downtown the commute home can be dangerous.

In 2013, there were 94,943 auto accidents in Texas that involved distracted driving, resulting in 18,576 serious injuries and 459 deaths.  Austin saw it’s deadliest year ever in 2015. Texas is known for having of the highest drunk driving and fatality rates in the country. Alcohol-related auto accidents and DWI arrests spike Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – alcohol related fatalities are 32.2% of motor vehicle accidents in Texas. (TxDOT)

So Austin, what is our solution? Organizations such as ATX Safer Streets, an Austin-based non-profit, believe that when given alternative options, the public majority will choose responsibly. ATX Safer Streets advocates on behalf of the community by proposing better taxi and public transportation options – options that are more readily available to after-hours traffic. ATX Safer Streets has lobbied heavily for peer-to-peer driver programs such as UBER and Lyft in an effort to provide more transportation options to evening city-dwellers:

“…we don’t believe our proposal will eliminate drunk driving. We do believe that a better transit system will save lives and improve the quality of life for Austin’s citizens.”

Although Uber and Lyft have left Austin there are alternatives. Read more about other options in Austin here.

This Halloween weekend, keep yourself and fellow motorists safe. Designate a sober friend to taxi you home safely – or, call a professional. Car wrecks are scary. Austin car accident lawyers Justin and Jason McMinn are seasoned in settling auto accidents and personal injury cases. If you are a victim of an alcohol related auto accident know your options.

McMinn Law Firm wishes our friends, family, and fellow community a safe and happy Halloween.

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