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Filing A Wrongful Death Claim On Behalf Of A Fiance

The loss of a loved one is a tragic thing that no one should have to go through. In an instant, an accident could claim the life of an unsuspecting victim and throw a family into a world of confusion, mourning, and turmoil. In the event of most accidents, there is a part at fault who made mistakes or careless decisions that lead to the incident.

In the event of a wrongful death accident there can be so many emotions and questions left to find answers to. Most times a victim is part of a symbiotic relationship; they were equal providers to a family or a marriage which in turn helped that party achieve their overall way of life and standard of living. But who is actually allowed to take action against the party who caused the accident?

Entitlement To A Wrongful Death Claim

In Texas, filing a claim for just compensation after a person has passed away following an unfortunate incident can only be done by select parties. The immediate relationship with the victim is very important in order to establish a cause for concern and need to seek compensation after the hardships faced.

A married couple, a family with children, is an obvious call for concern after a wrongful death. Someone’s spouse that has passed away can leave a family without a large portion of an income. However monetary loss is only part of the result after an accident that claims a life. Emotional support, guidance and parental counseling, and even a role of structural development, can all be held accountable against the part at fault.

Since wrongful death accidents can happen at any moment, it is an unfortunate reality that a married couple-to-be can fall victim to this tragic scenario. Should someone lose their fiance to a horrific work accident or drunk driving incident, could they file a wrongful death claim for compensation on behalf of the person whom which they were not yet married to?

If the person who the victim is survived by can accurately prove that they were in a symbiotic relationship where both parties involved contributed and shared income and intangible support and emotional care, then they may rightfully file a claim. Shared financial accounts and decisions that are hindered by the loss of a fiance can certainly qualify for a wrongful death suit.

Fatal Accident Attorneys

Sometimes understanding the process of a claim, especially at such a fragile time in one’s life, can be very difficult. Fighting through emotions and despair to seek legal help is a necessary hardship when seeking justified compensation for your loss.

If you have lost a loved one in a tragic accident that was a result of another party’s error, contact The McMinn Law Firm today to get help. Our expert legal team is ready to assist you with your claim so you can take the time you need to cope with the loss.