Photo of Erin McCleskey, the Austin woman mauled to death by dogs

Erin McCleskey Mauled to Death in Dog Attack

An Austin woman was killed by dogs while performing duties for work, authorities say. Erin McCleskey is remembered by her family.

Our family is heart-broken over the tragic passing of our affectionate, fun-loving daughter, Erin. She was an adventurous woman who always lived her life to the fullest and never shied away from a challenge. Erin loved people and had a special affection for animals. Her infectious laughter will be missed by her family and friends. Life will never be the same without her.”

McCleskey was delivering paperwork to a home on Fay Street Wednesday while working as an independent contractor for EZ Messenger. The body of McCleskey was found at 9 PM when a caretaker arrived at the scene to feed the dogs. A medical examiner reported that the attack had occurred earlier in the day, at approximately 5 PM.

Neighbors Speak Out About Dangerous Dogs

When KXAN News spoke with neighbors about the nearby dogs, they said that they take precautions around the neighborhood to avoid the dogs. “They do jump on everything,” one neighbor said and also stated that they do not walk their dogs near the house. The couple interviewed by KXAN stated that the dogs chase children on bicycles around the neighborhood, and cars that may be passing by the house.

Six dogs were removed from the home and impounded in a rabies quarantine. Fourteen puppies were also found on the property, and have not been taken by Animal Control.

The city is expected to file paperwork on the dogs next week, when a judge will be appointed to decide whether the dogs will be euthanized.

“I do not like to hear that,” one neighbor said in an echo of how the community feels after a tragic and preventable injury and death. Our thoughts are with the family of Erin McCleskey as they mourn the loss of their loved one.

What to Do If a Dog Bites in Your Neighborhood

Visit Austin’s Vicious Animal website:

If you know of an animal with a history of dangerous behavior, visit the City of Austin’s website for resources on Vicious Animal Attacks.

Submit a Dog Bite Affidavit:

Find out how you can make a difference in your neighborhood and how you can warn others of a potential danger. You may want to submit a signed Dog Bite Affidavit.

Prevent Injury:

Just want to prevent injury? You can also view a list of the city’s Registered Dangerous Dogs, and view a map of where the dogs live.

Stay Calm:

Learn how to stay calm when faced with a threat such as a dog with McMinn Law Firm’s Dog Bite Factsheet. Remember not to approach an unknown dog, or a stray dog even if they look friendly. Use caution when interacting with dogs that you do not know.

Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers | Animal Attacks

In many cases a dog’s owner may be liable for injury the dog may cause. A dog or animal owner’s homeowner’s insurance may cover the medical expenses involved in a dog bite injury.

Representing our serious dog bite victim client, attorney Jason McMinn convinced members of the jury to issue a verdict finding defendants to be guilty of negligence and gross negligence.

The verdict awarded $110,000, 10K of which are purely punitive damages. The verdict awarded a policy maximum to the dog bite victim.Link to KVUE dog attack jury award news video.

I think the verdict speaks volumes for what the Williamson County Citizens feel about feeling safe in their backyard. It also sends a clear message that pet owners need to take responsibility when they know they have a dangerous animal and it has previously bitten someone.

– Jason McMinn, Austin Personal Injury Attorney

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