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Elijah Ponthier Dies After July Hit-and-Run Crash

The McMinn Law Firm team holds deep sympathies for the family and friends of bicyclist, Elijah Ponthier. The 26-year-old was riding his bike in Austin on July 10 when he was hit by a driver who fled the scene.

On July 10, 2016 Elijah Ponthier was riding his bike southbound on Bluff Springs Road at Chateau Village Way at approximately 11:40 PM. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene.

Authorities say that the vehicle, which remains unknown, is dark in color. Police stated that they are looking for a dark-colored Honda SUV, however the make and model of the vehicle have not been confirmed.

When Ponthier was taken to the hospital immediately following the accident, the news report by KXAN stated that he was expected to make a recovery.

The Austin Police Department is still investigating this case. Anyone with information regarding this fatal traffic crash is asked to call the Vehicular Homicide Unit Detectives at (512) 974-8255.

Advocates of bicycle rights have called on Austin lawmakers to ensure safety for riders on Austin roads.

Remembering Austin’s Fatal Traffic Crashes of 2016

This marks Austin’s 39th traffic crash and the 39th traffic fatality of 2016. At this time in 2015 there were 61 traffic fatalities in Austin.

Want more information on traffic statistics in Austin? Visit McMinn Law Firm’s infographic page about Austin’s Deadliest Year, 2015.

Last year, 2 of the 102 fatal traffic crashes were bicycle riders. So far in 2016, there have been two fatal crashes involving a bicyclist.

Hit and Run Traffic Accidents Too Common in Austin

This is not the first high-profile bicycle crash that resulted from a hit-and-run driver. An Austin bicyclist and UT student, Elizabeth English was dragged for blocks by a driver who failed to stop. The driver was identified by an off-duty cop who recognized the description of the vehicle, and observed blood on the hood and fresh paint scrapes.

A driver fatally injured a toddler earlier in 2015. The driver drove away and community members and authorities searched for the hit-and-run driver. With the license plate, vehicle make and model, and other descriptive items, police were able to identify and arrest the driver who killed a 3-year-old boy.

In both cases, the drivers involved in the hit-and-run crashes were identified. Drivers must recognize the hazardous consequences of hitting another individual while on the road. Always drive sober, never drive distracted, and always stay to render assistance at the scene of a crash.

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