East Austin Bicycle Injury Raises Caution To Cyclists

This Tuesday morning around 11am it was reported that a man was found unconscious in the road near his bicycle on Airport Boulevard in east Austin. The man is believed to have either fallen off of his bike or been thrown from it as the result of a minor collision, most likely with a vehicle. Investigators are still on the scene conducting a search for more information.

An incident like this, grouped with many other unfortunately similar incidents that have occurred over the last few weeks, has city officials and bicycle patrons both urging drivers on the road to practice more caution when commuting through city streets and neighborhood roads where bike lanes are present and cyclist commuters frequent.  

Slowing Down and Looking Up

Ther roads and back streets of Austin are understandably busy. Between business people commuting to and from their offices, delivery drivers supplying to all the local businesses we love, and students from several notable school finding their way around the city to class, the streets can be heavy with traffic and confusion.

However it is the responsibility of both drivers and cyclists to be aware of their surrounding when on the streets. Cyclists are urged to wear bright, reflective clothing when they ride so that drivers can easily spot them at intersections and when approaching a bike lane. THey should also wear a helmet at all time just incase the worst case scenario should unfold.

Likewise, drivers are expected to be extra aware of their surroundings. Slowing down around turns and coming over hills is a very responsible way to assure that there is enough time to avoid a cyclist and a tragic accident. Drivers should always keep their eyes on the road and look both ways multiple times before crossing an intersection, just incase their first glance oversaw an oncoming biker.

Bicycle Accident Affect Many Lives

Being involved in a bicycle accident can affect many lives. If a collision occurs with a vehicle, a cyclist will easily be thrown from their bike and suffer multiple serious injuries, including trauma to the spinal cord and brain. Not only could these injuries require serious medical attention, they could leave a bicyclist out of work for many weeks or months to recover. This could jeopardize their income and leave themselves and their families in a struggle to make ends meet.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a bicycle accident, contact The McMinn Law Firm today to speak with a legal representative regarding your claim. Severe injuries and hardships faced due to a driver’s carelessness and irresponsibility deserve a fight for just compensation.