Car Accident Victim’s Recovery Prompts a Closer Look Into Alcohol-Related Accidents

January’s McMinn Law Firm Settlement Update includes settlement recovery for the victim of a South Austin DWI car accident. 

“Victim of DWI Car Accident Recovers $104,750

South Austin DWI collision leaves limo bus driver with multiple injuries and subsequent surgery. McMinn Law Firm acquired the client from another attorney, and negotiated a $7,000 offer to a $104,750 recovery for the auto accident victim.”

DWI related car accidents account for 32.2% of motor vehicle deaths in Texas. Additionally, more alcohol related car crashes are reported between 2:00am and 2:59am. (2013 statistics, Texas DOT) Austin is a sought-after destination for live music and entertainment; as the city continues to grow, 110 new transplants every day (Austin Business Journal), transportation has become a more pressing question for municipalities to answer. Ride-share options such as Uber, Lyft, and Urbanscoot are one solution, providing city-dwellers a safe route home. Drivers under the influence of alcohol pose a threat to themselves and motorists sharing the road.

Drunk driving in Austin is an issue that will increase with population if liable parties aren’t held responsible. McMinn Law Firm stands tall against such behavior; partners Jason and Justin McMinn proudly, and aggressively represent the victims of DWI car accidents. McMinn Law Firm believes that DWI offenders should be held accountable, and that victims of such crimes are entitled to an emotional and financial recovery

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