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Does Renters Insurance Cover My Personal Injury?

Does renters insurance cover personal injury? The short answer to this question is “probably not.” Most rent insurance policy coverage does not cover renter’s bodily injury compensation but does cover injury of a third party.

If someone comes into your apartment and trips on the vacuum cord, falls into your glass coffee table, and has to have their hands and face re-stitched together, renters insurance will cover some or all of their damages. If you trip on your own vacuum cord and suffer the same damages, you generally would not be entitled to compensation from your renters insurance.

When is the homeowner liable for personal injury damages to a tenant?

The only case when a homeowner is liable for injuries incurred by someone who is on his or her property is when the homeowner is guilty of negligence.

For example, let’s imagine that a maintenance crew member left a cord to a shop vacuum out in the walkway to your apartment. You trip over it, falling into the glass coffee table you are carrying and, painfully, have to get your hands and face re-stitched together. Your landlord might have to compensate you. The landlord and situation must meet these criteria for negligence:

  • The landlord or owner had a responsibility to maintain the premise where the accident occurred
  • He or she failed to maintain safe conditions where the accident happened and/or failed to give proper warning to tenants (provided the warning would not have been an unreasonable expense)
  • The accident was due to this failure to maintain the safety of the premise
  • The accident caused genuine injuries to the tenant

If you were injured under these conditions, then you have a personal injury claim. You need a lawyer who can work with insurance companies to try to get you compensated. Mcminn Law Firm can build a strong case for you and fight on your behalf in pursuit of a settlement. Call us today for assistance and a free consultation.

What does renters insurance cover?

Renters insurance primarily is to cover any of your property that is stolen. You can have named-peril policies that only cover instances and property that you name in the policy. Or you could have all-risk policies that cover all damages up to a certain amount. Whether you are choosing from a list of named perils or have an all-risk policy, rent insurance usually covers the following:

  • Property damage or loss—in a named-peril policy you’ll receive compensation for specific items and instances you put on your policy. If something is stolen and you did not have that instance “named” you’re out of luck. If you had an all-risk policy, property damage and loss is covered up to whatever amount limited on your policy. Specific items have specific limits. If you have cash, watches, jewelry, televisions, or equipment used for business, they will be covered for repairs or replacement Each item will be assessed for how much it’s cash value is or by it’s replacement value.
  • Loss of Use—usually a percentage of your property damage policy, this compensates you for living expenses (food, rent, utilities) if you must live away from a property temporarily.
  • Personal liability—protects you if someone gets hurt on the property you are renting and files a lawsuit against you for their damages.

Renters insurance can be a very helpful tool for instances in which you are the victim to outside circumstances like theft, someone trying to sue you, or damage from the weather or construction forcing you to move out. However, it will not help you in times you have received and injury on the property unless the injury is due to negligence by another party. For more information on renters insurance click here,  or you can call us for a free consultation.