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Cycling and Public Transportation

Riding your bike is a rewarding experience mentally and physically. But cycling as a primary means of transportation can be difficult when your destination is less a short jaunt from the house and more of a multi-hour long trek.  Luckily, Austin’s public transportation system, Capital Metro, has recognized the need for dual method commutes for cyclists who want to take the bus or rail for a large section of their travel and use their bike when they get in the vicinity of their destination.

Bikes on Capital Metro Buses

All standard Capital Metro busses are equipped with bike racks on the front of the vehicle that can accommodate two or three bikes. Just lower the rack by squeezing the handle and folding it down. To load your bike, place your bike’s wheels in the wheel wells. Lift the spring loaded support arm over your front tire so it hugs the tire securely in place. Instructions are also located on the rack itself. Take care to always load and unload your bike from directly in front of the bus and not in the street.

Bikes on MetroRail

For those with even longer commutes, Austin’s MetroRail can be a great option to get downtown and then use a bike to reach points of interest within the urban core. Each car has a bike rack located near the entrance to the car. You can either hook your front wheels with the back wheel in the insert, or stand in the designated standing area and hold your bike.

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