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Construction Safety Tips

Every year there are thousands of on-the-job injuries related to heavy machine and equipment operation. These injuries are usually not minor first-aid injuries, they are often major and sometimes fatal.
A large majority of construction accidents can be avoided given the proper safety tips and guidelines. All operators must have verifiable training on the machine or equipment they will be using. It is also important for operators to practice safety awareness and caution even when doing the most routine of operations.


1. Getting on and off equipment. This is the most common cause of injury. Before getting off of machinery, make sure your boots are clean and use “high grip” gloves. Next, use large size hand and foot holds. If no hand or foot holds are available, use a step ladder. It is also important to avoid carrying objects while climbing machinery. When you are getting off equipment make sure to lower yourself very carefully, do not jump off in a hurry.

2. Loading and Unloading Equipment. Make sure the machine you’re operating is centered on all ramps. Also, allow yourself enough room to maneuver the machine. If needed, use a spotter to help guide you. Make sure no one is in the way of the machine while loading/unloading to avoid other injuries. Remember to use the proper tie-down procedures.

3. Watch for people in the work area. All people on the ground must keep a safe distance from operating machinery. Make sure to enforce this rule and mention it in safety meetings. When backing up machinery, always remember to look behind you before doing so.

4. Swing Radius of a Machine. Swing radius accidents happen all too often. To avoid this, rope off the swing radius around a machine.

5. Backing. Even though most machinery comes with a back-up alarm, it is still important for the operator to make sure no one is behind the machine before reversing. Use wide angle mirrors and adjust them as needed.

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