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Common Car Accident: Injuries And Unprotected Lefts

There are many different scenarios while driving that are notorious for causing car accidents. One of these very common scenes is an unprotected left. Whether it is at a green light or turning out of a parking lot, this is one of the more advanced maneuvers for even the most experienced drivers. Those who are new to the road and those who have been behind the wheel for decades are all susceptible to this accident risk.

Injuries sustained from an unprotected left accident can be very serious. Head on or T-bone collisions are the most common results and can both cause broken bones, head injuries, and sadly sometimes even fatalities. When pulling out to cross oncoming traffic when there is no form of yield or stop to benefit your passage, there is a very high risk of being hit. Usually these accidents occur when one or both of the drivers involved do not notice that there is an oncoming vehicle. There is a determination of ‘who is at fault’ in the event of an unprotected left accident. One of the drivers may have been speeding and driving recklessly, or perhaps someone was not looking and pulled out into the other’s path. After looking at the facts, a personal injury lawyer can propose the case and seek compensation should you be the victim of serious car accident injuries.

Unprotected left turns are one of the most difficult turns to pull off and can often catch drivers off guard. It requires looking both ways and being aware of all surroundings at once. However, making a mistake behind the wheel does not exclude someone at fault should they cause an accident which injures you or a family member. Medical bills and other consequences of a serious car accident can affect your daily life. If you have been the victim of a car accident at the hands of someone else’s mistake, contact our personal injury law experts at The McMinn Law Firm. Their legal consultants will guide you in the steps to take for just compensation following an at-fault accident.