Despite the long history of animosity between trial lawyers and the medical community, doctors are now   teaming up with attorneys to fight insurance companies over the prompt pay legislation known as the Texas Prompt Pay Act (TPPA).  Under the prompt pay laws, insurers are required to pay “clean claims” to medical providers and pharmacies no later than forty-five days after the claims have been made.


If you are a health care provider or handle accounts receivable or insurance claims for a Texas clinic, medical practice group, or hospital and you have questions about your rights under the TPPA, contact the McMinn Law Firm in Austin, Texas.  Our familiarity with all provisions of the TPPA along with our expertise in the litigation of these types of cases can greatly increase the amount of money you receive.  We will assert your right to prompt pay and greatly increase the amount recovered.


If the preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) you are dealing with are dragging their feet to delay payment, we can advise you about your rights in your particular situation and take the necessary actions in your best interests.  Our involvement at an early stage of payment impasse can persuade the insurer to pay the claim right away and in full.


For more information about the Texas Prompt Payment Act and your rights as a health care provider, contact the Austin lawyers at the McMinn Law Firm for your free consultation.