August, 2016 | Vol. 1

McMinn Law Firm Personal Injury Journal

9 Moving Musts for an Injury Free Moving Day

Don’t let moving in Texas’ summer heat leave your crew with an injury. According to Austin’s Personal Injury experts, a safe move requires planning.

Our team has compiled 9 Moving Musts for any packing and loading team to hit Austin’s pavement this August.

San Marcos Woman Loses Husband in Fatal Crash

Our thoughts are with a San Marcos family who lost two family members in a fatal crash caused by a drunk driver. Reports state that a Texas State student caused the crash while driving under the influence after tubing down the San Marcos river. Read more about the tragic crash.

How to Prevent Dog Bite Injuries

It’s no secret that Austinites love their dogs. But before you head out to the dog park, know how to identify signs of aggression with household pets, and how to approach a stray dog if needed. When a dog feels vulnerable or scared, they are more likely to act out. Prevent dog bite injury in your family by being a responsible dog owner, and teaching your children the safe ways to approach a new dog.

How Dangerous is it to Be A Pedestrian in Austin?

ICYMI: Austin has endured a jump in pedestrian fatalities over the past year and a half. During 2015’s “Deadliest Year in Austin” pedestrian deaths made up one third of the total traffic fatalities. In McMinn Law Firm’s Pedestrian Fatality Infographic, get the scoop on where, when and why each fatality occurred on Austin’s streets.

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