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Arctic Freeze Threatens Austin Roadways

An arctic freeze has hit Austin. By 11:00am Austin police had responded to 20 crashes throughout the city. Icy conditions continue on several roads across the city. As sleet covers the city and causes slick roadways, get prepared to make the right decision for you and your family.

Weather warning for Jan 16, 2018 | Posted Jan 15, 2018

“Ice accumulations of around one tenth of an inch are expected and significant travel impacts are possible during the day on Tuesday not just on bridges and overpasses, but also on surface streets due to the cold temperatures. There is a chance for ice accumulations up to 1/4 inch across the Hill Country.” –
National Weather Service

Frozen roads can lead to an increase in traffic accidents; and they can be deadly. In early January one woman lost her life to an accident that is believed to have been caused by icy road conditions.

The Austin personal injury lawyers from McMinn Law Firm want you to practice safe driving when traveling in this dreary weather. Below we have compiled a list of 6 tips to consider when facing inclement weather conditions:

  1. Stay home! If you don’t need to go out or can work from home, stay in. Don’t take unnecessary risks when it comes to dangerous driving conditions.
  2. Take it slow! Observe the speed limit, or maintain control at a lower speed. For example: if the posted speed limit is 55mph, slow your vehicle to 45mph. This practice will help safeguard against an accident.
  3. Easy on the brakes! Braking too quickly on icy roads can cause sliding and fishtailing, which will result in a car accident. Pump your breaks to prevent a collision – avoid sudden breaking, acceleration, or turns.
  4. Turn into a slide; turn your wheels in the direction your car is sliding. If you steer too far, or overcorrect, you run the risk of fishtailing – if this happens, turn in the opposite direction.
  5. Wear your seatbelt! Wearing a seatbelt or strapping the kids into their car seats should never be skipped – even on the shortest rides. Texas Car Seat Laws protect riders and drivers from some of the worst injuries. Buckling up can save a life!
  6. Stay updated with the latest weather conditions. If there is an arctic freeze or inclement weather in your area, follow the local broadcast; awareness of conditions can help prevent accident.

Closed Roads and Overpasses 11:30am Jan 16, 2018

  • Ben White flyover to I-35 is shut down in all directions
  • The 5700 block of SH45 is completely iced over. This includes 45 westbound at 183 upper deck in both directions.
  • SH 71 at 130 is iced over.
  • U.S. 183 eastbound to 130 northbound is reported as completely iced over.
  • U.S. 183 at Burnet is iced over. Levander Loop at Ed Bluestein is iced over.
  • 290 eastbound flyover to I-35 northbound is iced over. U.S. 290 Overpass at Berkman is iced over.
  • 35th Street over Mopac is iced over. 6100 south Pleasant Valley is iced over.
  • 1500 block W. Slaughter is iced over. MLK Bridge over I-35 is iced over.
  • Turnaround from eastbound Ben White to westbound Ben White turnaround is iced over.
  • 5200 block of Capitol of Texas Highway is iced over. I-35 exit at 4600 block of northbound has been iced over.
  • West U.S. 290 WB to S Mopac SB is iced over. West U.S. 290 is iced over from the 5000-6000 block.

For an updated list, check KVUE News for complete updates.

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