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6 Crucial Steps to Take After a Crash and How an Austin Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Did you know that on average, there are 16,438 car crashes per day in the US? This is an unfortunate reality that everyone needs to prepare for. While there is no way to prevent these accidents from happening, everyone can take the steps necessary to reduce the chances of a crash occurring. 

Even if a car accident happens and you’re involved, you’ll want to know exactly what to do to avoid any headache. Hiring a car accident lawyer to deal with the legal aftermath and insurance trouble will ease you of all the worries that come with the stress of a car accident. 

There are other steps you should take after a car crash to ensure that you can deal with a stressful situation with the least amount of worry as possible. Keep reading to know the 6 steps to take after a crash. 

1. Remain Calm

Car accidents happen to even the most careful driver. When you’re involved in a crash, it can be a frightening situation that leaves you shaken. While it may disorient you, the last thing you want to do is get frantic.

Take deep breaths and remain calm. Take a deep breath, evaluate the situation, ensure that there are no injuries and that no one else seems to need medical attention. When you’re level headed, you’ll be able to approach the situation with clarity.

Stress will only elevate the severity of the situation and make it more difficult for you to get things in order. 

2. Seek Medical Attention

If you or anyone else is injured, call an ambulance. Safety should always be the priority. If possible, try to move out of the road so you reduce any risk of any more collisions or danger. 

Even if you don’t seem injured or if it’s mild, it’s important to get medical attention because you never know how your body is responding to shock. You might actually be more injured than you thought. 

There’s also the personal injury claim which can be proof of your injury as a direct result of the crash. Do this as soon as the accident happens because the more you wait, the more difficult it will be to prove your injuries were from the crash.

3. Call The Police

Even if the crash is not as bad as you think, you’ll want to call the police to file a police report. It’s even legally required in certain states if the damage is over a certain amount. The good thing about calling the police is that you’ll be able to use their police report as part of the documentation for your case.

This report will detail exactly what happened, document all the parties involved, talk to witnesses, and provide information that the attorney’s office will need. Once the officer arrives on the scene, be sure to get their name, badge number, and report number as well so you’ll be able to get a copy once it’s ready.

4. Document Everything

While it may seem like overkill, be sure to document everything at the scene of the accident. This includes taking photos and videos of everything, including the intersection that you’re at and any nearby businesses. This is important because every little thing can be used in a case against you, especially with insurance.

Be sure to get the other driver’s name, phone number, address, and license information. Also, get their insurance information. 

When you’re gathering information about the accident, this is what you’ll need:

  • The time and date of the accident
  • The location of the accident
  • The nearest cross street
  • What direction you and the other car were traveling 
  • What the driving conditions were
  • What you remember happening 

You’ll also want to take photos of the following:

  • How and where the cars are located
  • The property damage
  • Any injuries
  • Where exactly on the street the accident occurred

All of this will be incredibly useful for insurance and any legal action that might follow the accident. 

5. Check With Insurance

After the car accident, be sure to contact your insurance company. Even if the accident was not your fault, they’ll need to know you were in a crash. The other driver might be uninsured, so this is very important. 

The insurance company can work with your attorney to provide useful information about the other driver and their insurance plan. If you decide to talk to the insurance company of the person at fault, only offer basic information. Especially if you’re getting a lawyer involved, you don’t want to give a recorded statement since this can come back against you.

6. Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

One of the best things you can do is to hire the best car accident lawyer you can find. Especially if you know the accident was not your fault, and you received injuries due to negligence by the other driver. The right lawyer will be on your side, help you file your claim, and get you the maximum amount of compensation.

During a confusing and unsettling moment like a car accident, a car accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal process while helping you with your insurance claim. If you’re injured, the last thing you need to worry about is the complexities of legal action. Let an experienced Austin car accident lawyer take care of that.

Stay Safe on The Road

In addition to knowing what to do after a car accident, it’s important to take preventative measures to avoid the risk of you causing an accident in the future. With the combined knowledge of preventing accidents and knowing what to do after a car accident, you’ll be able to avoid the headache of everything that comes after a car crash occurs.

Also, it is worth your time and money to hire a car accident lawyer to navigate the complicated legal process after a car accident.

If you’re in the Austin area and are looking for a car accident lawyer, be sure to contact us