kids in costumes trick or treating

5 of Austin’s Safest Neighborhoods for Halloween Trick-or-Treating

Austinites are serious about their Halloween celebrations, and 2017 will be no exception. If you go out on Halloween, expect children to be roaming the streets while you are out on the roads. We know keeping your kids safe on the streets is important, so we’ve compiled a list of safe, kid-friendly neighborhoods for your Transformers and princesses to roam with safety.

  1. Circle C – Circle C neighborhood, yes, is famous for elaborate Christmas decorations but is also a great place for the kids to trick-or-treat. The winding neighborhood streets have safe sidewalks, and limit vehicular traffic to a minimum speed. Another perk of the suburbs – no through traffic will limit your children’s adventures for candy. Plus, unlike other suburban neighborhoods in northwest Austin, the terrain is relatively flat.
  2. Hyde Park Neighborhood – (north of 38th) this neighborhood in north central Austin, is located just north of campus area but has young children and a welcoming personality. The houses are located closer together (mostly bungalow style homes) and can easily be navigated quickly by foot. Watch out though – this neighborhood is close to campus so expect lots of drivers and traffic. Additionally, this central Austin neighborhood is in need of sidewalk repairs. With a bit of caution, your trick-or-treaters could visit many homes before the night is out.
  3. Steiner Ranch – For some going out to Steiner Ranch may be a little bit of a drive, but that’s part of what makes it a safe option. The neighborhood is tucked away in West Austin, eliminating problems of through traffic. Families live what are generally above average sized homes – so wear comfortable walking shoes!
  4. Allandale and Crestview – Still central, however these neighborhoods do not have the sidewalk issues you may find in Hyde Park. Most of the homes found in this neighborhood are ranch style homes. They tend to have smaller lots than those found in suburban neighborhoods, which can be great for your littlest of monsters wanting to trick-or-treat.
  5. North Oaks – Keep your kids safe in this secure North Austin suburb. In past years, residents have decorated their houses in the true spirit of Halloween, though less so as the neighborhood grows older. Finished sidewalks, wide streets, and little to no through traffic makes this neighborhood a winner for safety. Fair warning however – your calves may be the only ones crying, North Oaks is all hills.
  6. Anderson Mill – No word yet on whether there will be chocolate, or tootsie rolls, but this north Austin neighborhood has definitely earned a reputation for spooky Halloween haunts! Be prepared to trek up and down some of Austin’s rolling hill country – comfortable shoes are a must! However with great sidewalks, this Anderson Mill is a great place to take your trick-or-treater, for a “fun sized” Halloween.
  • If your children are old enough to go out on their own – know their route.
  • Remind children never to enter a stranger’s home, or accept rides from strangers.
  • Be a safe and courteous driver.
  • Remind children to say please and thank you when accepting candy.
  • Remember, safety is always more important than candy!

If you are going out on Halloween, remember there are many other ways to get home without drunk driving. You can reference our list of 11 ways to get home without drunk driving. Have a plan before you go out of how you plan to get home. Make sure that your entire party knows your plan, and follow through with it! There’s nothing spookier than the possibility of a DWI or DUI, or hurting someone else on your way home.