Extremely Helpful!

I called McMinn Law firm just to ask for some quick legal advice and had the pleasure of talking to Justin. He was so friendly and helpful. He gave me some extremely useful information and even emailed me some forms that would help with my claim. Even though my claim was too small for them to take, they did not hesitate to help me out as much as they could. Thank you Justin!‎

Rain Makers

My experience with Jason and Justin was incredibly professional, courteous, and efficient. Everything occurred as they said it would. They were highly communicative and responsive to any thoughts or concerns I had during my process. I highly recommend Jason and Justin McMinn for legal services.‎

Quick & Seamless Resolution

The time between when Justin took my slip and fall case and I received my check was three weeks. This is a case that several attorneys told me they would not take due to the complexity of slip and falls cases in regards to new stringent State laws and the statute of limitations in my particular case. Justin would periodically call me and let me know how the case was progressing. Justin’s brother Jason called me with an offer within 10 days. I had a check in my hand a week later. I highly recommend this firm and will use again for any future legal matters.‎


Justin and his brother worked tirelessly for me and secured a dismissal only a few months after taking my case. They always answered all of my questions no matter how minor and returned my phone calls and emails in a timely manner. They have an excellent knowledge of the law and of the inner workings of the Austin court system. I truly appreciate all of their hard work and I highly recommend them.‎

Case Dismissed!

My daughter was charged with two felonies after befriending 2 individuals and got caught up in their crimes. Through Jason McMinn’s hard work, and experience he was able to get her cases transferred to Mental Health Court. One felony was dismissed and the other dropped to a Class A misdemeanor with only one year of probation. Jason continually gave us updates and what we could expect with each court hearing. This could have been a life destroying situation, and the result was nothing short of a miracle for our family. We will be eternally grateful to the McMinn Law Firm!‎

McMinn Law Firm — Lawyer’s you can Trust

The McMinn Law Firm was my first experience with lawyers. These brothers destroyed all my stereotypes about lawyers. My wife and I felt right at ease the minute we walked into the firm. They are immediately likable and honest. They know or will discover all aspects of the law in working your case. After one initial consult and a follow-up phone call they were able to settle our case against State Farm that we had tried to work for over a year since their client had rear ended and hospitalized us.They genuinely cared about us, worked our case hard, and kept us posted on their process. We got the best result possible under the law. They achieved much more for us than we could have achieved on our own. We highly recommend this firm. If we should ever need legal assistance again we will unhesitantly call on the McMinn’s.‎

Real Hardworking Lawyers

I felt at ease and secure working with the Mc Minn Law firm. Its a winning team- a two for one deal where you pay for one brilliant Lawyer and you know the other partner (his brother) has your back.These Lawyers are punctual, driven and focused. I felt they really cared about my situation and sure enough I got the best result. I highly recommend this firm.‎

Professionialism at it’s absolute best

When you are in need of a service, you look for a provider who is qualified. When I chose the McMinn Brothers I was unaware that I would receive compassion and a level of professionalism that is unmatched! FROM THE SECRETARY ON DOWN! These guys are not only experts in the field of law, but experts in the field of how to treat people! My experience with the “Brothers” is one that I will never forget! My POM charge was reduced to that equal to a traffic ticket!! I am done, no probation, no attachments, just free to get my life back on track! The McMinn brothers can’t keep you out of trouble, but they sure know how to get you out of it!!!! Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‎

Great Lawyers

I got into an accident and became very frustrated with the way the adjuster was treating me. I hired Jason and Justin and they took care of all the insurance details. They got me to a doctor to treat my injuries even though I had no health insurance. At the end of the day, they got me a very large settlement, way more than I expected. Definitley recommend these guys.‎

McMinn Law Firm – Great service

I was charged for DWI back in 2009 and I was put in contact with Justin and Jason McMinn. They told me my police video wasn’t great, but they said they could help me out and win my case. Justin & Jason were able to get my DWI charges dropped and after I finish a few hours of community service and probabtion, I will be free and clear. The McMinn’s were always there to answer my questions and tell me what to expect during the process. At the end of the day, these guys are professionals and will make you happy if you find yourself in trouble. Hopefully you will not be in the situation I was in, but if you do, call these guys.‎

These guys are legit

Thanks to Justin and Jason McMinn my case was a breeze. A friend and I were in Austin and had WAY TOO MUCH to drink. We were kicked out of the bar and the bouncer walked us over to some cops. SO of course we decided to run from the cops and we were arrested for both Evading and Resisting Arrest. After being bailed out of Jail I researched who to use to help me out. I came across these guys and boy was I lucky! I never had to appear in court and as long as I fulfill my obligations to the court this will be dismissed. These guys are honest, thorough and professional. I wish more attorney’s were like these guys. Thanks again guys!‎

The real deal

Justin and Jason were able to get my case dropped within a matter of months of my arresst. In addition to being a speedy process my case required little to no effort on my part and I did not once have to appear in court. These guys are real profesionals and would definately recommend them to anyone looking for representation in the Austin area.‎

Thank you Justin McMinn

Thank you Mr. Jason McMinn for representing me when I was charged with Felony Family Violence in Hays County. I had accepted deals from pushy District Attorneys in the past which sounded good at the time, but I ended up with unnecessary convictions. So, I had a criminal history to contend with on this case. However, you protected my rights throughout the process and kept everyone focused on the facts. I was treated like a person with a future. Not just a file to push through the court system. You were detailed and thorough from our first consultation until the Not Guilty verdict at trial. I would recommend anyone accused of a crime have you on their team in court. Thank you for not settling for anything less than the best. You did your job so now I am able to do mine for my family.‎

Best !! & better yet, fastest lawyers…

Thank you so much for your expert, professional, prompt and comprehensive work on our case. I have rarely encountered this level of integrity and dedicated service. Your work is an honor and asset to your profession and we sincerely appreciate it. ps: I sent this note to Justin McMinn the day after he was able to arrange for amazingly prompt release of a family member from jail. The charges were also rejected / dismissed as a result of Justin’s expert and timely work. From experience I can tell you that most attorneys do not act this efficiently nor with this level of honesty. I am still amazed and grateful. Hire them, you will not be disappointed !!

Tree Thyme Farm

Through the internet I requested a consult with Justin McMinn regarding a recent vehicle accident. He was prompt in responding to us and very helpful in his advice and suggestions for how to proceed with our claims. Thankfully, based on his coaching, we were able to manage our situation without legal aid, but, if ever we need an attorney, he will be the one we call.‎

You Have to Hire these Guys!!!

I’m a college student at UT and I got pulled over by the cops. Someone in my car dropped a bag weed under my backseat. The cop searched my car and found the weed and I got arrested. Justin McMinn came and got me out of jail at 3:00 in the morning. Within two months he had my case dismissed. I never had to do anything and its like it never happened. If you get in trouble, you should call this guy.‎

Business Description‎

The experienced attorneys at the McMinn Law Firm LLP, located in Austin, Texas, provide intelligent, resourceful and aggressive legal counsel on criminal defense and personal injury cases. When the outcome of your legal situation can depend on the quality of your legal counsel, it is important that you retain an accident attorney who is fully committed to safeguarding your rights and representing you in a court of law.

Helped a Mother in Need

My son was arrested for his second DWI and we decided to hire Justin McMinn to represent him. We were concerned our son was going to sit in jail but Justin was able to get him out within hours of retaining his services. Not only that, Justin got his DWI dismissed when we went to court three months later. I would recommend the McMinn Law Firm if you need an aggressive lawyer to help you out when you are faced with a bad situation.‎

Efficient Lawyer! Fast Results!

I highly recommend hiring the McMinn Law Firm to handle your accident claim. Justin McMinn is the most efficient lawyer that I have ever witnessed! He was able to evaluate my case, negotiate my settlement, and retrieve my funds faster than I ever imagined it possible! I will forever be grateful to Mr. McMinn and his law firm for the dilligent work and dedication shown to me and my case! Thank You So Much!!‎

HUGE Settlement

I was in a horrible car accident where I was seriously injured, I had to go to the hospital and physical therapist to rectify the damages done to my spinal cord, and the medical bills exceeded my insurance companies coverage limit. A friend of mine recommended that I hire Justin McMinn of McMinn Law Firm to handle my case, and I was blown away with how it turned out. Not only were all of my medical bills covered, but the settlement I received was more than I could make in 5 years of work! These guys know what they are doing.‎

former client

I hired Justin McMinn to handle my auto accident case. I was seriously hurt, needed surgery, couldn’t afford it, and the other driver’s insuracne company refsued to pay for anything. McMinn Law Firm went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did I get my medical bills paid and get the surgery I needed, they got me a six figure settlement. These guys are stellar.‎

Great Lawyers

My son was severaly injured in an automobile accident. We hired the McMinn Law Firm to represent him for his injuries. Jason and Justin did an outstanding job on my son’s case. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone.‎

Case Dismissed!

I got a DWI in Austin and decided to hire the McMinn Law Firm. Justin McMinn was my attorney and within 5 months my DWI was dismissed. He was very friendly and always kept me in the loop with my case status. If you get in trouble, I would recommend hiring Justin to help you out.‎